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Our bed and breakfast, At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn is blessedly situated in the historic neighborhood. The key word here is neighborhood. Neighborhood is such a lovely, cozy term. It has a safe connotation. It also, in our case, has one absolutely fantastic restaurant and best of all you can walk there from our home in 5 minutes.

Allow me to introduce Nine Mile. Now, before I start waxing poetic about Nine Mile I must tell you that my love affair with this now favorite haunt began with a broken heart. Before this excellent fare came into being this location housed Piper’s. It was a fun, eclectic coffee house and sandwich shoppe owned by a woman I came to know and liked very much during her tenure in that space.
I do not take well to change and was in mourning when said establishment closed. Nine Mile is so awesome I had no recourse but to become a convert.
The cuisine is fresh, inspired by the caribbean soul and so tasty it makes your toes curl. Frankly,the food is fresh, excellent, cost controlled and the atmosphere is hip and fun but that is not all. The staff, cook and everyone encountered there really lets you know they value your business and that is special & rare in today’s marketplace. In our recent snow storm they bellied up to the bar and all came to work. They provided our guests with not only full tummies but a wonderful neighborhood environment to boot.
So, I still miss Piper’s but man am I glad there is a place in my neighborhood the caliber of Nine Mile. Long may they reign!

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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  1. Aren’t they wonderful? The dedication to the customer and community really shows through their participation on Facebook(.com/ninemile) and Twitter(.com/ninemile) as well. I LOVEEEE me some Nine Mile!

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