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I am noticing a new trend in weddings lately.  We have owned Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn  for more than 10 years. We began doing weddings at the inn our first year in business. Now, you would have to know how funny it was that we even engaged in the business of weddings.  Though my husband and I will be married 39 years this December 24, we did not exactly have a wedding.  We began our union while standing before a minister in a small church in South Carolina with no attendants, no maid-of-honor and no best man.  We were not “of age” to marry in Florida, so we eloped to a state with more relaxed age requirements.  So, to say my wedding experience was minimal would be  accurate.
In the early days of weddings at our inn pomp and circumstance abounded.  50 plus guests, attendants, flowers galore, food plated & varied & hot and cold running service folk to keep it all together.  Coupling the aforementioned with what is hopefully a once in a lifetime experience in tandem with expensive photographers, live music or d.j’s in action and music made for dancing created a form of restrained chaos.  Blissful chaos, but chaos nonetheless!

The economy began a significant downturn  not actually discussed out loud about until 2007. All of us actually knew this much sooner; especially those of us in business. At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn was still providing weddings but the subtext began to alter. There was a decided shift as the couples began to move more toward meaning and less toward expense, more substance and less glitterati, more involvement in the writing of their vows and less with the menu. The focus shifted entirely until it was much more couple centric.  There is something very real and hopeful about a lone couple standing before a minister or officiate with only each other.  It called to mind that verse in the bible “forsaking all others” because at the end of the day, long after the flowers have been admired and forgotten and the music has stopped playing and the tired dancers retreat for rest, it is the couple that moves forward into their lives.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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