Poodle In Asheville-Part Three

Well, guess you might be thinking that this part of the story begins with the Ad for appropriate placment of the “Fluffball” and that would be wrong.

All of us know that having “friends in high places” can sometimes be of benefit.  Well, suffice to say that the slide in landing at the feet of my husband was a good move for her highness.  I actually mentioned running “the dog placment ad” about one week after her arrival with fear in my voice as my heart already belonged to Molly (that was her name now).  My husband looked across the table as if I had suggested selling our child.  Not wishing to appear as though he was fully commited to this course deviation he muttered something about thinking we’d better wait until she was a little older so we could offer her the best start with her new placement.

Molly was “in like Flynn” to say the least.  She walked with us on our nightly forays in the darkness of our neighborhood in the pursuit of fitness, she hung out in the kitchen with me while I stumbled in for my first caffeine bolus in the morning, she rested in literary bliss at my side while I read my current book selection and she became a stalwart gardener.  She fought those weeds with at least as much dedication as I did.  No matter how hot it was, not matter how hard it rained she was more dedicated than your most dedicated friend no matter what the course of the days action turned out to be.

We lived in Key Largo for part of Molly’s adolescent years.  Now, one of the many wonders of Key Largo is Penney Camp.  We decided one lovely Saturday morning that we would snorkle the statue of Christ. Florida Keys Reef Tract is the only living coral barrier reef in North America, and is the 3rd largest coral barrier reef in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) and is awesomely beautiful.
As mentioned earlier, whatever the tour of the day was to be whether work or pleasure, Molly, our trusty canine was up for it.  This proved no exception!  When the boat trailer came out, she sprang to life.  Well, arriving at Penney Camp one must anchor up to buoys so as not to disturb the reef.  Unfortunately, choosing to sleep an extra hour that morning basically mandated that we were in for a bit of a swim to the statue. Not to worry. We locate Molly’s water bowl, fill it, open the cabin door so she can be lulled by the gentle rocking of the boat to doggie dreams and we begin our own preparations.  Donning the fins, mask found, snorkle check and boom, we’re off the side of the boat and heading toward the statue.  We are amid the beautiful, crytal blue,comfortably warm water of my beloved Atlantic and kicking our way toward the statue.  We are about 50 feet from the boat when I hear the klomp of something in the water. I don’t even have to look to know what it is. I might have mentioned; this dog is up for anything!  Even jaws will not deter her from her favorite humans.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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  1. Enjoyed the poodle series. Mary and I have two miniture poodles. Tootsie, who is 16, and Lily who is a little over 1. They are great dogs and Have made our lives more complicated but every bit worth it with the unconditional love they give us.

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