Halloween In Asheville NC

Halloween is fraught with memories. Costumes carefully chosen, the drama of seeing the same old streets you walked to school on this morning take on a more sinister appearance than you ever noticed before. All that is very typical with variations on the theme in response to the latest Hollywood fear monger release to hit the silver screen.

This year in Asheville, a new slant on an old idea has been hatched.  Our Eliada charity has come up with a “totally out of the box” and very creative way to fundraise in extremely difficult economic times and give us all some fun in the process.

Just about 5 minutes from downtown Asheville they have opened the first-ever corn maze.  Starting on September 25, 2009 it operates in traditional manner for children of all ages encompassing three levels of difficulty……..

The last two weekends in October “something wicked this way comes”.  In cooperation with the drama department at UNCA,  Castle in the Corn amps up the action. Our locals, having been exposed to the talents of these students through their various productions throughout the year, know this will be the “place to be” this Halloween.  Not for the faint of heart I assure you.  Help the children Eliada supports, have a very memorable Halloween and “be afraid, be very afraid.”

Patti and Gary Wiles

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