Feeling Friday October 9, 2009 in Asheville,N.C.

Friday is a special day of the week! Everyone knows that.  Whether you are working on the weekend or you are off & I’ve been in both kinds of jobs,  the feeling is there anyway.  A buzz, an excitment, an anticipation, the possibility of something new, challenging or world changing seems more likely than on any other day of the week.
Why, we might meet someone that becomes a “life changer” for us.  The potential for something out of our ordinary existence becomes more visible and less unlikely.  It is suspenseful, hopeful and maybe even out of our comfort range.
So, this Friday, whether before you go to work or after you are finished…Plan something extrarodinary. Now that word has different connotations for all of us. For some,  it the mystery of nighttime in a club, maybe some dancing , either way,  fraught with possibility.  For others, it could be a hike surrounded by the awesome color beginning in these majestic mountains we call home and finding a moment of solace as we walk through the woods.  A time of quiet where the stillness overtakes us as the maddening rush of our lives quiets down allowing us to find our own voice again.
Whatever scope your Friday takes, relish it, own it and make it your very own day. The time is spent- so really make it count.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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