The Garden Lessons At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn

Normally At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn we have a part-time gardener to help out with the garden work but lean times call for mean decisions and we made one! We were to be the only gardeners at the inn this year.
Gardening is hard work and done well it incorporates a lot of the qualities that compiled together make for a good life.
Gardening requires patience.  Who among us could not benefit from more of that?  It is not my strong suit by a long shot. Out there, I improve it.
Gardening requires faith.  Well, of course it does.  One places hands in soil- warm, soft and by volume far in excess of the tiny seed you place in it’s care.  As a matter of course, you water, weed and care for this thing yet to be with all your childhood faith that in time something miraculous will occur.  One day, just like an unexpected gift, it does!  By magic (not really) a soft green shoot begins to break the surface of the dirt and stretch toward the sun and a plant has been born.
Gardening requires a well thought out  plan, constantly in evaluation, always evolving and changing, often drastically in moments as do the seasons that reign supreme in the realm of the outdoors.  Life can be like that too.  We can control our response to our situations in life but only someone that has not lived at all really believes that we have any further control over our lives than that. Just like the sudden downpour or a hint of sun peaking through the sky after darkness has prevailed,  life sends us on paths that are sudden, sometimes challenging and nearly always inconstant.
Gardening requires love.  Ok, maybe love is too strong a word but I really don’t think so.  Show me a lovely, thriving, vibrant well tended garden and I will show you a labor of love.  The soul of the tender is rendered bare for all to view in the choice of a bold color when they felt surety, the choice of a meek, pale, delicate plant to soften some tougher scrubs surrounding it or perhaps the nursing of some lack luster performer sure to have been tossed if not for the prayer that it would one day be the most thriving specimen in the garden.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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