New Bar Scene in Asheville, Nightbell

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 dark haired man and dark haired woman in white dress dancing in cloud like atmosphere

We have a few night spots for guests to trip the light fantastic. Coming soon to Asheville, under the design and creative influences of none other than the Curate team,  Asheville will add another to its list.

The current time frame being discussed is later 2013 or 2014 and will likely be determined by how the building construction at 32 South Lexington morphs out- coupled with the imagination and coalescence of ideas from owners Katie Button, husband, Felix Meana and her partner parents, Elizabeth and Ted Button.

The origin of this structure dates back to the heyday of the 1920′s construction boom in Asheville. and It will showcase rather than seek to conceal its steel beams, original wood flooring and exposed brick walls.
 This bar will be open evenings only and its name (Nightbell)  captures the history of the time when a bell was rung to allowing patrons in the know access to back rooms and hidden basements where the party lasted all night long.

A D.J. booth, sophisticated sound system, petite but tasty savory and dessert offerings as well as carefully, creatively designed cocktail offerings will provide a speakeasy kind of atmosphere where late night dancing can go on forever.

The owners hope to attract folks perhaps before they seek out dinner providing a great venue to enjoy a casual drink as well as offering a fun surround to dance, listen to some music or enjoy their evening in downtown Asheville after dinner.  We so look forward to seeing what this team, already a hit with their restaurant, Curate, will deliver to Ashevillians and tourists alike. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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