A New Phone App For Travel

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Traveling delivers: Fun, New sights and sounds, adds to our understanding of others and the culture in which they live in a way nothing else can and in all truth, can sometimes offer opportunities for extreme frustration as we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory trying to find our way.
  More than a few of our guests have actually voiced feeling anxiety that they “need to find a way to have fun.”  This sentiment echoes the frustration some of us feel in travel trying to make the most of our limited time in each location, see the right things, dine in locations we would truly enjoy and find fun. That can prove elusive when finding ourselves in a place we have traveled to, have always been curious about-hence the choice to go there, but without any real knowledge of the area.  No worries…your rescue is at hand.

Everyone on the planet knows the term “google.”  In fact it has become synonymous with information gathering.  Societally, many of us do not say “We will look it up on the internet” when trying to secure information.  We say, “google it.”  In keeping with that, Google has developed an app that is extremely useful for travelers all around the world called Field Trip.

The internet company that designs, markets and hosts our own website, former inn owners themselves, share the opinions of all innkeepers- INNS ARE A BETTER WAY TO STAY and travel.

We know that much of the opinion travelers have of any location they visit is based on the experience they had in that location.  Innkeepers and the knowledge they have of their areas can make a sea change difference in that experience.

Lisa, Mark and the crew @ Acorn-is.com www.acorn-is.com brought their substantial expertise to devising an app that would hopefully prove so awesome, so well designed and so well populated that Google would integrate this app- Go-Tripping- into their Field Trip app.

Contributing innkeepers were required to submit the best of the best in their area in every field of interest any visitor to their area might have interest in.  You will find entries for historical, adventure, art, nature,area specific interests,food and more. A one stop shop, carried on your phone for anything at all you’d like to do complete with websites, phone numbers, lat-long, maps and information locals know and visitors can only guess at.  No tedious maps to remember to bring from the car and try to figure out, no cumbersome books to weigh you down.  It’s quite simply, perfect and it’s on your phone.

We are delighted to be the only Asheville, NC Go Trippin Contributor and look forward to delivering all the best our fine city has to offer right to your phone.  Check it out and download it today.  All your best travel fun is a touch away.
We’d love to host you at our inn creating your best Asheville experience as only Go-Trippin can!   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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