Smiling in Asheville

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Have you ever just been “in the moment” of a really nice happening and thought to yourself that it was a fine evening (ok, a bit toasty for sure) but a fine summertime memory that you knew you would be storing away like a valuable parcel for recollecting some time in the future?  Recently, after hauling our lawn chairs to just the right spot to enjoy Shindig on the Green, surrounded by neighbors, toddlers dancing that endearing little hop skip they do I found myself just smiling in Asheville – all to the tunes of some folks strumming cords as they do before a set to trying to be on key.

Guests at our inn had made plans to attend this musical evening out under the Asheville stars so they could jam in (he plays harmonica) and dance to some good old mountain music and I thought…..”Hey, you could do that too”…sans the harmonica, of course. So, if you need a bit of entertainment on a Saturday night, long about sundown, you have your dancing shoes on and like to watch the lightning bugs light up the night-Take yourself down to Roger McGuire Green at Pack Park July 7, 14, 21, August 11, 18, 25, September 1.  It’s free and it will leave you smiling in Asheville.

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