Cherry Compote Recipe

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Recently, we had a guest request at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn for a nostalgic trip back to a guests grandmother via a special pancake topping hatching this Cherry Compote Recipe.  In discussion about our pancake recipe, which was given to me by my own grandmother, our guest related her experience with this completely wonderful Cherry Compote Recipe she had obtained from the same source.  It seems that her grandmother had a bit of land and was quite the gardener.  Amid a slew of perennials and annuals lived 4 cherry trees producing, according to this guest, the world’s best cherries!  Typically, during her summertime Michigan visits, the breakfast table was often adorned with Cherry compote and was a welcomed addition to pancakes, waffles, toast and sometimes as a side with bacon and eggs.  Most family recipes, both my own, and those related to me by our guests are often inextricably woven with the love and devotion of the person connected to the recipe.

We are rapidly approaching fresh cherry season and thought you might like to make some “love memories” of your own and Marjorie has given me permission to share this recipe with you all in true hope that it will do just that.  Enjoy!

Cherry Compote:

5 cups of pitted (always fresh is best) cherries- frozen can be used though. This recipe can be made with Tart of Sweet cherries but the amounts  of sugar will differ if tart is used.   
Re: the type of berries.  Montmorency cherries were used by Marjorie’s grandmother.  This is a tart cherry.

1 1/8 cup of fresh orange or pineapple juice (They used either one and reported both different but equally delicious.

1/2-1 cup of white sugar    * 2 things will affect how much sugar is added to this compote.  The first-whether orange juice or pineapple juice is used.
The second-whether tart or sweet cherries like Bing are used.  

1 tsp. vanilla

Place all ingredients in heavy saucepan.  Simmer ingredients, softening the cherries (about 12-15 mins).  Remove cherries with slotted spoons. Continue simmering juices and tinkering with sugar preference until sauce is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.  When sauce cools a bit add the vanilla.
Pour the syrup over the cherries and you have magic.


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