Restaurants in Asheville from Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

One of the really fun things about Asheville is the variety of dining choices available for visitors.  Restaurants in Asheville from your Asheville Bed and Breakfast will outline a few of them & reflect some of our personal neighborhood favorites.

Located not more than a stone’s throw are our neighborhood offerings:

Nine Mile:  On Montford Avenue, one block from our inn sizzles a sleeper restaurant one might pass if they didn’t know of it’s existence.  Small and minimalist, it offers within a vast array of choices largely Caribbean fare, craft beer, vegetarian selections all perfectly spiced whether you palate lends toward “caliente” or more mildly seasoned food. 

Tod’s Tasties: I am not a regular purveyor of this local shoppe.  It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week.  On the first hint of Spring of this year after a long winter’s presence we walked there from the inn more really just to “seek sun rays” on this beautiful day than to find the best cuisine in the city. That said, if you are of the mind for a sandwich and you like chicken salad with a bit of tarragon being a delightful addition to it, I recommend you try the chicken salad melt. Yummy and sincerely enjoyed just being outside at cafe tables while watching the rest of Asheville wake up from what had seemed a very long winter.

I will move forward to the downtown in upcoming blogs and let you all in on the good, the not so good and the sublime of our Asheville dining experiences. 

Stay tuned so you’ll be prepared for your Asheville vacation!

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