Aiding and Abetting Guests With- Asheville Bed and Breakfast Pain at the Pump Special

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In the full and certain knowledge that most folks like to get out of town for a bit sometimes, most especially in the most beautiful fall months,  we are here Aiding and Abetting Guests With-Asheville Bed and Breakfast Pain at the Pump Special.

That said, there are other ways to save gas that we need to become well versed in in America as we strive together to minimize as much as possible our dependence on foreign oil.
 Not only can some of these tips save you money at the gas pump (always lovely) but further they can actually prolong the good years your car serves you.  A BIG MONEY SAVER TO DELAY BUYING ANOTHER ONE.

1.  Change your air filter= Failure to do this can create reduction in engine efficiency of 20%.
2.  Plan your errands ahead of time and make them count by “grouping” errands located in the same place.
3.  Change your oil and filter regularly.  Get good advice about the grade and weight of oil that will allow your specific vehicle its’ best function.
4.  Oxygen sensor replacement:  This device tells your engine how to adjust the air/fuel mixture.  Faulty ones can really waste gas.
5.  Tires are like your car’s feet.  The performance of your car, particularly its safety rests on them being aligned properly, inflated to the right pressure and having enough tread to do the job they are designed for. 
6.  Spark Plugs that are old and may be misfiring can cost you big gas consumption. 
7.  After fueling be sure your gas cap is on well, not mis-threaded and tight.  Not to be too cynical but a locking gas cap is not a bad idea either for obvious reasons.  Gas is an expensive commodity.  Don’t allow it to be stolen or vaporized into the air from an ill fitting cap.
8.  We have all heard that when packing for a vacation to put everything you plan on taking our and take only 1/2 of it.  I hear you crying ladies but truthfully, we all know we come home with much of what we brought with us unworn.  For every 100 pounds of weight in the car fuel efficiency is reduced by 2%.  Doesn’t sound like much but when you actually get everything you plan to bring in the back of your vehicle and seeing out is no longer an option….Re-think….Both for safely and for economy.  
9.  Lastly, just because your car CAN go from 0-60 in a heartbeat doesn’t mean this is a great idea.  It is, in fact,  an expensive one and in city driving where most of us will be stopping and starting with reasonable regularity…A foolish choice.  Wouldn’t you rather spend that money in a more fun way than racing to the stop light at which you must stop?   

Ok, lastly, another nice savings for your “gas budget”on holiday. 

10.  At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn’s Fall Pain at the Pump – Save Cash for Gas Special: Stay 3 nights – 5% discount. Stay 4 nights – 5% plus a bit of romance & celebration-  Complimentary hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries! This package is requested by phone reservation only.  Black out dates apply. May be discontinued without notice. 828-253-4085 / 888-743-2557. Must be mentioned and requested by phone reservations only.

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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