The Leader of the Band has Died

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 One of the most important challenges of having a successful bed and breakfast is offering a warm, welcoming environment and engendering feelings peace and happiness in your guests.  The Leader of the Band has died but he offered us the very best lessons hospitality has to offer during his tenure with us here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.

We bought our inn in 1999 and had no experience at all with Koi fish.  Part of the charm of our back property is the pond in which Bubba made his home.  Every person who comes to our home no doubt enjoys the gardens and  the small wooden footbridge has been the scene of more than one engagement.   Flowers and peaceful surroundings are always appreciated but flora is not everyone’s bag.  Bubba, the Southern gentleman Koi fish, had universal appeal.

The guests to our inn have off street parking and as they make their sojourn to our front door, they passed the Koi pond.  Bubba was always glad to see them and he was quick to let them know that as he made his approach to the side of the pond extending his best fin forward in greeting and friendship. His delight in seeing a visitor was palpable. His demonstrated eagerness to make a welcome personal, special and meaningful won him many hearts.  He leaves behind many of his breed but he was a stand alone Koi.  We miss his friendliness, his joie de vivre and his true servants heart as he welcomed our guests.

Learning the importance of hospitality as only he could deliver it was a joy.  You know, in the religious community there appears to be great debate regarding whether animals upon their death, go to heaven.  I have always believed they did.  I have had dogs that, had they been human, would have been canonized and no one with degrees in hospitality was able to receive guests in a more heartfelt sincere manner than Bubba.  May God bless his 80 years on this earth and enjoy him as much as we did. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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