Asheville Bed and Breakfast Owners Crab Cake Extraordinaire

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Recently a new fish market, Blue Water Seafood, came to Asheville and opened its doors providing a bit of a new slant. It doubles as a restaurant availing the locals of spectacularly beautifuly fresh North Carolina items as well as a full compliment of seafood including this Asheville Bed and Breakfast owners Crab Cake Extraordinaire. One day, after we finished preparing our three course gourmet breakfast here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn we were in the mood for crabcakes, had heard of this new opening and sought out our quarry.

The crab cake was good. It was a good size. It was not bread laden. I would have browned it up a bit but all in all, it was a very nice lunch though I would say, as most cooks would, I prefer my own. So, in homage to the crab cake, I submit for your experimentation and evaluation our At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast idea of Crab Cake Extraordinaire in the form of Patti’s Crab Cake. Dabble if you dare to enhance it for your personal taste!

Patti’s Crab Cake

2 lbs. fresh lumpmeat crabmeat (Fresh is always best). If not able to procure fresh, drain can well.
1 cup soft bread crumbs.
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
1/3 cup mayonanaise
2 T. course-ground good quality mustard
1 T. prepared horseradish
3/4 tsp. grated lemon zest
2 T. of fresh lemon juice
1 T. chopped fresh parsley
2 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1 tsp. Old Bay Seasoning
1/4 tsp. thyme
1/2 tsp. of baking power
1/4 tsp. of ground red pepper (more if you like hot)

Combine all ingredients. Shape patties. Dredge both sides in a bit seasoned bread crumbs. Rest them. Fry in large skillet with hot oil over medium high heat until nicely browned on the first side. Flip and repeat. Leave them until they are brown enough you don’t have to do this repeatedly.
Drain on paper towel.

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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