Garden Artistry in Topiary

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Garden Artistry in Topiary
In just a few days March will finally be here. Now, for those living in Asheville, clearly the temperature will still be cold but alas, our hearts are once again turning to our garden as the floodgates of catalogs are delivered to our inn bringing the joy of gardening with them.

Here, At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn, we begin placement ideas, new plant selections, container ideas and other sources of garden color fun long before our first foray into the garden to sweep out the last signs of winter.
I was checking out some gardening magazines while dreaming about what my space would like through Spring-Summer and into Fall when my eyes were drawn to an article about Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden .

For those of you not familiar with topiary, it is basically the use of a living plant as a canvas for the design of nearly any shape you can think of. They exist both as small plant specimens and very, very large plant specimens. They can make words and every shape imaginable. In Pearl Fryar’s garden, topiary shapes of all kinds and sizes exist in perfect harmony in tandem with water features created with his use of unusual metal pieces perfected to their task and placed into action as fountains. Whimsy rules and love is visible at every corner’s turn.

If winter has been too long and gray has colored too many of your days, make a visit to Pearl’s garden and become inspired again.
The gardeners of this Asheville Bed and Breakfast did and while we are not quite ready to crank up the saws and start carving out our boxwoods, we could not help but revel in the beauty, artistry, creativity and love that surrounded us as we meandered through the garden magic created by Mr. Fryar. All around us on that cold, cold day I observed the faces of people as they walked through the garden and what I saw was “happy.”

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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