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Jorge Munoz is a Colombian immigrant and obtained his legal residency in the United States of America in 1987. That however, is not his story.

His real story culminates in the dark hours of the night when at about 9:30 p.m., after working a full time job of his own, Jorge arrives,just like a knight in medieval times, only mounted in a white truck rather than on a white horse. He carries with him hot food, coffee or hot chocolate. Jorge Munoz and his family have been doing this for more than four years every day and he estimates he has delivered more than 70,000 meals.

His operation runs flawlessly. Jorge rises at 5:00 a.m. to drive his bus route returning to his home more than 12 hours later. Jackson Heights, N.Y. has a corner that Jorge has taken on as his own. The unemployed and hungry he has been helping count on him to arrive and he does not disappoint. He and his family are funding this operation, donating out of need not abundance. With the current economic downturn, numbers are increasing. He or his sister deliver food of some kind every night. There are no “days of rest” for Jorge because he knows that people will go hungry if he does not arrive.

His salary and family savings supply the food, his heart supplies the mercy and his hands are God’s hands. He did not win CNN’s Hero award but Columbia, his place of birth and America, now his home, can point to Jorge Munoz with pride

Patti and Gary Wiles

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